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Heavy Rubber Mistress launches!

A brand new blog Heavy Rubber Mistress launched itself at the world wide web last week!

HeavyRubberMistress.com is the place to be to find out about those lifestyle mistresses and dominatrices for whom rubber and latex is not just a dish on their menu of services, but a true lifetime obsession.

If you have a love for heavy rubber latex clothing and the dominant women that wear it, then this site is, and should be,  your first port of call.  Visit HeavyRubberMistress.com

Anastasia Pierce and Ariel X are the Vampyre Sisters – a new film from Bleu Productions

Vampyre Sisters

Fetish superstars and BDSM performers Anastasia Pierce and Ariel X team up together as the Vampyre Sisters. The film opens with a slow erotic entrance by Anastasia Pierce, who has come to resuscitate her vampire sister who has made the mistake of drinking the blood of the dead.

Part one builds up the suspense and sexual tension as Anastasia brings all of her vampire survival techniques to revive her dying sister, such as deep tongue kissing, sensual body exploration (drenched with latex fetish), face slapping, fierce nipple and breast play, masturbation, and ravenous neck biting leading up to the blood thirsty sucking scene in part 2 …..  Join the Bleu Productions members’ site for this clip and many more of their famous fetish and BDSM films

BDSM girl on girly goodness with WhippedAss.com movies

girl on girl domination lezdom

Want to see a tough girl get taken down a notch or two? Then check out this hot girl on girl BDSM movie on WhippedAss.com. There’s nothing like being locked in the stock and getting flogged to find the flipside of a bad attitude.

Beautiful blonde Vendetta, is submitted to the cane resulting in some beautiful welts. The dominatrix is Maitresse Madeline who has great aim – which results in some lovely parallel stripes. She turns this pretty ass into a gorgeous work of art!

Vendetta’s beautiful, punished ass is then butt plugged, and pussy fucked with a fat strap-on all the while bound in various positions, helpless to the violation of her body. There is also some very nice rope work. I do so love to watch girl on girl bondage and domination, and this is very high quality stuff.

I really like the interviews at the end of these BDSM movies, where we get to see the girls laughing and smiling after the shoot. It just goes to prove that there are people who actually crave the loss of power that comes with being dominated. It’s not about violence, it’s about the feelings that BDSM creates for both participants.

Want see what I am so hot about? Click Here!