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Lady Natalie Black loves Strap-Ons!

lady natalie black

Lady Natalie Black is back with strap-on heaven for her lucky slave girl  – suspended in a sling, completely helpless, and at her mercy. As usual, Lady Natalie takes time tormenting her slave finishing her off with an orgasmic climax.

Slave girl gives Lady Natalie’s strap-on the same loving fellatio that she would a human cock, not skimping a bit. This is a huge dildo, and she struggles bravely to fulfill her mistress’s wishes, sometimes choking and gasping for air. A willing slave is this one, to be sure, as she lubricates the huge red strap-on with her own saliva.

Lady Natalie shows her humanitarian side when she decides not to impale her poor slave’s pussy with her huge red extended dildo. She removes an outer layer to reveal a smaller but just as awesome black thumper. She slips this slightly narrower strap-on into her slave’s throbbing wet slit. The girl can hardly control herself as she swings from the force of each thrust, the momentum bringing her back down on the strap-on even harder and deeper each time. She is clearly trying to be a good slave, but when being fucked by Lady Natalie Black and her big black strap-on it’s not easy.

Finally, Lady Natalie rewards her slave by letting her cum. Her slave obviously loves being bound and played with, she clearly had a great time, and you will too when you watch this BDSM video. I highly recommend it. Find it here : Slavegirl Suspension

Slave girls at The English Mansion

The English Mansion never seems to run out of pretty slave girls that need to be dominated. Trust me, these horny girls know exactly what they’re getting into when they show up, and the mistresses at the Mansion give them exactly what they are asking for. These slaves are in for pain and pleasure like they’ve never experienced before.

The slave girls at The English Mansion are schooled in proper behavior in so many imaginative ways: hard corporal punishment, humiliation, CBT, uniforms, strap-ons, butt plugs and even more. The English Mansion and even the surrounding grounds were built for slave/master play. The rooms there include the boudoir, the office, the clinic, the dungeon downstairs, and a barracks outside! Every inch of the Mansion is full of tantalizing possibilities for submission and domination.

Have you ever seen a beautiful slave girl used as furniture? You will at The English Mansion. Have you ever seen a beautiful brunette walked like a dog down a marble hallway? You will at The English Mansion. In fact you will see slave girls exposed to delightfully harsh treatment such as you have never even dreamed of before. The mistresses at the Mansion are highly imaginative and are constantly thinking of new ways to torment and titillate their eager slave girls.

Don’t you think it’s high time you experienced the wonders of The English Mansion? Click here

Lady Natalie Black and her wheel of pain

Lady Natalie Black is back in this featured BDSM video, and she’s got her “poor” male slave naked and strapped to her wheel of pain. (Lucky bastard is more like it!) He is completely defenseless to her every impulsive desire, totally at her mercy. His cock is undefended and right where our mistress wants it. She loves cock and ball torture, and is highly skilled at tormenting her male captives right to the edge of their breaking point.

Of course, the point of the wheel is to disorient, so Lady Natalie’s slave soon finds himself upside down, the blood rushing to his brain and creating incredible sensations in his body. The ordinary becomes extraordinary from this perspective. Of course, I’m not saying a session with Mistress Natalie Black is ordinary, but to be held captive upside down certainly puts a new “spin” on things for a slave.

While trapped on the wheel, Lady Natalie’s slave is moved into the perfect pussy eating position. He will hang on the wheel for what seems like forever, to him. She demands the highest quality tounging from her slaves – he will have to do it over and over again until he gets it right. Practice makes perfect, so they say! Lady Natalie Black also practices her skills as often as she can so she can produce the best BDSM footage on the internet. Quality beats quantity any day, and Lady Natalie Black is a super high quality Mistress to be sure. You will be completely satisfied, too. Check her out in this free photo and video gallery

Introducing Lady Natalie Black – Femme Domme extraordinaire!

lady natalie black

Lady Natalie Black will blow your mind if you are a fan of dominant women. This is not soft-core BDSM,
it is full blown feminine domination to the extreme. What will also amaze you is the size of the dildos she puts up her submissive’s asses. Good Lord! how do these guys walk after this?

Lady Natalie takes her submissive to the stable, where he is promptly bent over a chair and introduced to her huge black strap-on. Talk about pain and pleasure! You should see the size of this guy’s hard-on, you know that he loves every inch of it! When she’s had her fun fucking him, she gives him a surprise champagne enema. Talk about a happy ending.

Also on this page, you can see the trailer for another of Lady Natalie’s BDSM videos, where she gets in some cock torture. I don’t know what that defenseless cock did to her, but she is going to teach it some manners, any way that she needs to. I’m all for training a cock to behave, but I will admit this video made me wince more than once. You need to see it for yourself. Lady Natalie gives a training session you won’t soon forget!

There is so much more to explore at Lady Natalie’s website. Go satisfy your curiosity right now. You know you want to. Get going!