Anastasia Pierce and Ariel X are the Vampyre Sisters – a new film from Bleu Productions

Vampyre Sisters

Fetish superstars and BDSM performers Anastasia Pierce and Ariel X team up together as the Vampyre Sisters. The film opens with a slow erotic entrance by Anastasia Pierce, who has come to resuscitate her vampire sister who has made the mistake of drinking the blood of the dead.

Part one builds up the suspense and sexual tension as Anastasia brings all of her vampire survival techniques to revive her dying sister, such as deep tongue kissing, sensual body exploration (drenched with latex fetish), face slapping, fierce nipple and breast play, masturbation, and ravenous neck biting leading up to the blood thirsty sucking scene in part 2 …..  Join the Bleu Productions members’ site for this clip and many more of their famous fetish and BDSM films

Lesbian domination scene with Nika Noire and Samantha Sin

I’d call this hardcore, I certainly would. I like hardcore lesbians in domination mode, add the rest of the BDSM to go with it and this scene from Chanta’s Bitches certainly gives me the pleasure I seek today.

“I want you to dance for me” says the incredibly sexy Nika Noire as she slaps, flogs and torments Samantha Sin’s nipples, tits and arse. Ha! She dances all over the place, I know that feeling well, but where can one go? Her arms are bound above her, she is in inescapable bondage. She is not going anywhere until her mistress says she can.

Nika wants to cum. She has her blonde slut bound on her back to some trolley type device, where she is ordered to lick while Nika grinds pussy and arse into her face.  Then comes the double-penetration….

Next scene: In a creative suspension bondage, Samantha has all of her holes are fucked with Nika’s large strap-on cock. Finally, she is tied, legs spread in the splits with Nika’s feet stuffed in her mouth, before being granted multiple forced orgasms. Check it out here

Girl on girl BDSM with Ms.Berlin on Chanta’s Bitches

Another free BDSM video gallery featuring Ms.Berlin, who I am more than happy to watch, as she dominates this fresh female slave on Chanta’s Bitches website.

Dominating cute 20 year old Emma Heart sure looks like fun! Mz. Berlin restrains her in a classic bondage tie, arms bound behind her back and legs locked together at the knees. Stripped, flogged, electro-shocked and forced to cum, Emma melts into a kinky state of mind as Mz. Berlin imposes ass licking, foot worship and anal strapon sex .

This is a sexy girl on girl scene with a natural BDSM flavour, it’s the real deal, no faking. Enjoy it here: Emma’s BDSM Heart

Lady Natalie Black loves Strap-Ons!

lady natalie black

Lady Natalie Black is back with strap-on heaven for her lucky slave girl  – suspended in a sling, completely helpless, and at her mercy. As usual, Lady Natalie takes time tormenting her slave finishing her off with an orgasmic climax.

Slave girl gives Lady Natalie’s strap-on the same loving fellatio that she would a human cock, not skimping a bit. This is a huge dildo, and she struggles bravely to fulfill her mistress’s wishes, sometimes choking and gasping for air. A willing slave is this one, to be sure, as she lubricates the huge red strap-on with her own saliva.

Lady Natalie shows her humanitarian side when she decides not to impale her poor slave’s pussy with her huge red extended dildo. She removes an outer layer to reveal a smaller but just as awesome black thumper. She slips this slightly narrower strap-on into her slave’s throbbing wet slit. The girl can hardly control herself as she swings from the force of each thrust, the momentum bringing her back down on the strap-on even harder and deeper each time. She is clearly trying to be a good slave, but when being fucked by Lady Natalie Black and her big black strap-on it’s not easy.

Finally, Lady Natalie rewards her slave by letting her cum. Her slave obviously loves being bound and played with, she clearly had a great time, and you will too when you watch this BDSM video. I highly recommend it. Find it here : Slavegirl Suspension

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Dollbaby’s pick of the week:

Picture Gallery: Smothered and abused

The very sexual Amber Rayne has her way with a wandering businessman in a suit. Tied down and mouth-packed, wild bill does not stand a chance with this fiery Dominatrix who sits on his face, strips him and painfully flicks his cock. A big orange strapon deeply fucks bill’s ass while Amber gets more and more aroused by her squirming, whimpering submissive. With bill tied to a chair, Amber uses him as a sex slave, Riding his cock for her pleasure while inflicting pain with the flogger. After he is milked, he is left naked, bound and humiliated.