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Dante Posh In Rubber

The English Mansion has some of the hottest Dommes around. Featured here is Dante Posh in a smokin’ see through rubber latex dress and stockings. I love the way the sweat makes it cling to her breasts, and it increases its transparency, you know. I just wish I could hear the sound the rubber makes as she moves around the room. Oh, wait, yes I can! I know there is a link to The English Mansion around here somewhere. Here it is! Let’s go look at it together.

The English Mansion has imaginative ways of punishing their recalcitrant slaves. Here are just a few: binding and whipping, forced bi, humiliation, and CBT. I suspect these pictures were taken in the Mansion’s Wet Room. Let your imagination run wild. It is exactly what you are thinking. A room where wetness of all kinds can be practiced and experienced in a safe environment. Rubber latex goes well with wet play.

Don’t miss the opportunity to check out The English Mansion. If you don’t, you’ll kick yourself later, trust me. Here’s that link again!

Ebony Mistress Dante Posh at The English Mansion

Mistress Dante-Posh is an ebony skinned beauty who loves being in charge. She is in her element at The English Mansion and uses each of its many rooms to their full potential. Mistress Dante-Posh loves her work and takes great pleasure in giving her slaves the pain and pleasure they desire.

Mistress Dante-Posh is at home in the clinic, where she dons her pristine nurse’s uniform and uses her immense skill to create incredibly hot medical fetish fantasies. Lucky for us, these remarkable scenes are captured on film and we can enjoy them over and over again. All of the mistresses at The English Mansion love to share their work with the world. They offer hours and hours of high quality BDSM videos at obscenely competitive prices. Our featured ebony beauty, Mistress Dante-Posh is one of many talented women eager to fulfill your wildest fantasies.

Mistress Dante-Posh is just as good when dressed in black leather and dominating her submissives in the dungeon. She loves the dim environment, and uses it to psychologically intimidate her slaves. A skilled mistress is a joy and a pleasure to behold, and Mistress Dante-Posh is no exception. Combine her skill at physical intimidation with her skill at psychological intimidation, and her slaves leave The English Mansion completely satisfied. You will leave The English Mansion website completely satisfied as well. Do yourself a favor click here and go watch one of their movies today. You know you want to!