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Dante Posh In Rubber

The English Mansion has some of the hottest Dommes around. Featured here is Dante Posh in a smokin’ see through rubber latex dress and stockings. I love the way the sweat makes it cling to her breasts, and it increases its transparency, you know. I just wish I could hear the sound the rubber makes as she moves around the room. Oh, wait, yes I can! I know there is a link to The English Mansion around here somewhere. Here it is! Let’s go look at it together.

The English Mansion has imaginative ways of punishing their recalcitrant slaves. Here are just a few: binding and whipping, forced bi, humiliation, and CBT. I suspect these pictures were taken in the Mansion’s Wet Room. Let your imagination run wild. It is exactly what you are thinking. A room where wetness of all kinds can be practiced and experienced in a safe environment. Rubber latex goes well with wet play.

Don’t miss the opportunity to check out The English Mansion. If you don’t, you’ll kick yourself later, trust me. Here’s that link again!

Heavy Rubber Mistress launches!

A brand new blog Heavy Rubber Mistress launched itself at the world wide web last week!

HeavyRubberMistress.com is the place to be to find out about those lifestyle mistresses and dominatrices for whom rubber and latex is not just a dish on their menu of services, but a true lifetime obsession.

If you have a love for heavy rubber latex clothing and the dominant women that wear it, then this site is, and should be,  your first port of call.  Visit HeavyRubberMistress.com