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Lady Natalie Black has Sex On The Rocks

She was before me on the rocks like an offering to me. I ran my hands up and down her beautiful naked body in eager anticipation. I paid special attention to those perky tits, kneading them forcefully with my hands, squeezing them to make the blood come rushing in, changing their color from tan to the pretty pink I love so much.

She had assured me she could lay there without restraint, so I decided to test her. I rolled her over to expose her bottom. “You lay there like a good girl and take your punishment,” I told her. I knew that kind of talk would make her want to squirm in delight.

I spanked her, hard, with just my hand. Outside like we were, we didn’t want to have a lot of “accessories” on us in case we got caught. My hand was all she needed, anyway. Her butt was bright red and my arm and shoulder were aching before long. I love her. I knew a good spanking would make her wet and aching for more.

“I bet you’re wet down here, you dirty girl,” I said as I slipped my hand between her thighs. She spread her legs a little to let me slide in there easier. I gently pushed two fingers in her sopping wet pussy and fucked her with my fingers pointed down towards her stomach. She was moaning loudly when I turned my hand over and let my fingers push up towards her colon. That is our secret signal, how I ask if she would like me to pay attention to her luscious asshole. She quickly moaned louder, letting me know without words, “Yes, please, please fuck my ass right now!”

I withdrew my hand and slipped on a latex glove I had stashed in my bikini top, along with a couple of sample sized tubes of lube. I let the glove snap loudly on my wrist as I put it on. I know she loves that sound from the way her body shudders every time she hears it.

I have her raise up, and she does, exposing her puckered hole to me and anyone who might be lurking nearby. I slowly worked one finger into her ass, twisting, pushing. Quickly I got another finger in and began to fuck her more vigorously. She arched her back and began to buck a little. “Hold still!” I commanded, knowing it would be torture for her.

She did her best to comply, whimpering and moaning and trying to hold still. She was doing a great job until I worked a third finger in, now really pounding her ass. I put my other hand under her and began to rub her clit. Now there was no hope of having her hold still, she was grinding her pussy on my hand with every thrust of my fingers into her backside.

It was over quickly, she came with a whole lot of thrashing and moaning. She collapsed on the rock, which by now was wet with pussy juice and lube. She looked at me and smiled.

“Now it’s your turn,” she said…… View the photos that inspired this story Click Here

Women dominating women on WiredPussy.com

A gorgeous brunette and very cute redhead together in this femdom scene on WiredPussy.com. So the word “wired” conjures up thoughts of electricity for you? Well yes, that’s what the focus of this site, electricity and orgasms mixed with the right amount of bondage and domination – which all combined makes for a very hot time. The redhead is bound and gagged and the violet wand is run all over her beautiful body. Never mind the multiple forced orgasms inflicted on her by the dominant woman who in turn pleasures her own pussy into a satisfactory state of climax. The bound suspension and extended strapon fuck scene is a pleasure all on its own. Visit this WiredPussy.com gallery then become a member for a month of extensive electro-torture updates.

Asian femdom beauty – Dragon Lily

Asian goddess Dragon Lily’s beauty and style is a refreshing addition to the world of fetish modeling. To see her in a dominant role is new for me and as far as FemDom goes, this is pretty hot! It seems Dragon Lily as worked the FemDom scene in the past and returns to it after having had time out.

Dragon Lily’s bitch boy suffers the return in these free bdsm videos. Kade, tries to please his Mistress crawling at her feet to worship attentively while Dragon Lily torments him with a number of torturous activities. Gagged, bound and suspended Dragon Lily sinks her large strapon cock into his arse, shocking his butt all the while with a stun gun!.

Kade’s next task is to get Mistress off. He must kneel and use his strength to pump Dragon Lily’s pussy using his entire head back and forth – his mouth has been stuffed with a large penis gag. Dragon Lily’s industrial strength vibrator aids in the process.

On a count of 10 kade only manages to hold his orgasm for 2 seconds, this total lack of respect will cost the bitchboy a harsh thigh caning. Free clips! Check them out here!

BDSM websites featuring women dominating men

Interested in websites that specializes in women dominating men or are you looking for more of a generic BDSM website? Well, for fans of everything BDSM, femdom, lezdom, bondage and a full range of other fetish activities, I recommend Kink’s new clips site; KINK ON DEMAND

You can see men tied up, down, and sideways being used in all sorts of exotic ways. They are shocked, whipped, spanked, flogged and caned. They are penetrated with fingers, hands, dildos, strap-ons, and one thing which I have no idea the name of…..

The rope work the riggers use is pure artwork. The imagination used to come up with some of these bondage routines is impressive. I wonder if there are any creative knot tying classes near me… I’m a big fan of continuing education, don’t you know!

These submissives are humiliated and tortured in some very imaginative ways, and I suggest you check out this site immediately.

One of the best features of this site however, is not just the great content, it’s the unique billing structure. You only pay for what you want. That can be as little as one shoot, or as much as one years’ membership. You can pay for a straight month or more, and opt for no recurring billing if that’s what you want. This is a straight-up honest company you’re dealing with here. They want to make sure you are as happy with your bill as you are with their awesome BDSM content. I cannot recommend this site enough. Visit it now: KINK ON DEMAND

Slave girls at The English Mansion

The English Mansion never seems to run out of pretty slave girls that need to be dominated. Trust me, these horny girls know exactly what they’re getting into when they show up, and the mistresses at the Mansion give them exactly what they are asking for. These slaves are in for pain and pleasure like they’ve never experienced before.

The slave girls at The English Mansion are schooled in proper behavior in so many imaginative ways: hard corporal punishment, humiliation, CBT, uniforms, strap-ons, butt plugs and even more. The English Mansion and even the surrounding grounds were built for slave/master play. The rooms there include the boudoir, the office, the clinic, the dungeon downstairs, and a barracks outside! Every inch of the Mansion is full of tantalizing possibilities for submission and domination.

Have you ever seen a beautiful slave girl used as furniture? You will at The English Mansion. Have you ever seen a beautiful brunette walked like a dog down a marble hallway? You will at The English Mansion. In fact you will see slave girls exposed to delightfully harsh treatment such as you have never even dreamed of before. The mistresses at the Mansion are highly imaginative and are constantly thinking of new ways to torment and titillate their eager slave girls.

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