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School bully fists school nerd – Amber Rayne vs Lexi Belle

lesbian bdsm

Do you like being fisted? Or do you prefer to be the fister? Whichever way you like it, watching Amber Rayne fist Lexi Belle is sure to send a charge right where you want it. When two horny girls like this get together in school detention, and are left without supervision what ensues? Stripped naked, Lexi has her face pushed right into Amber’s cunt – to start with. Bondage, beating, nipple punishment and hard strap-on fucking. Once Lexi’s pussy is lubed up and loose enough, Amber inserts her hand right up to her wrist all the while working the power drive vibrator. The exquisite agony on Lexi’s face as she lets her orgasm rip is priceless. Watch it here now.

BDSM Bitches with Chanta Rose

Chanta’s got a new bitch in this hot BDSM movie. Nika Noire has been dishing out the pain to others, and now it’s time to see if she can take it herself. Chanta is a great teacher and soon has poor Nika right where she wants her – tied up and getting slapped silly.

Nika, unfortunately has too much attitude, and mouths off right away. A clever ploy to ensure she gets the rough treatment she desires? Perhaps. Either way, Nika Noire soon gets what she deserves, including being bound in many humiliating poses. This hot lesbian bondage play ensures she will not be able to wiggle out of her punishment!

Chanta gives Nika plenty of the treatment she desires, including some stimulating electroplay and extreme slapping and verbal humiliation. Combined with the physical humiliation Nika is pushed over the edge and reduced to tears. I wonder if she will take these lessons to heart and be a better dominatrix in the future?

You can see for yourself how hot this BDSM movie really is. Just click here to watch now.

Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls by Maria Beatty and Bleu Productions

Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls is Maria Beatty’s most recent contribution to the world of fetish film making. At first glance I see two alt looking hardcore dykes. I recognise one of them, London, from earlier Bleu Productions films Sex Mannequin and Strapon Motel. I liked her then, and her new blue hair just throws a whole new light on my feelings towards her. HOT! However, it is the dominant woman that really interests me. Surgeon is her name, and she has a very cool cowgirl style – the photos of her pissing and lactating are scathingly horny. I am looking forward to this film! You can buy it here, then come back here and tell me how you like it.

Introducing Lady Natalie Black – Femme Domme extraordinaire!

lady natalie black

Lady Natalie Black will blow your mind if you are a fan of dominant women. This is not soft-core BDSM,
it is full blown feminine domination to the extreme. What will also amaze you is the size of the dildos she puts up her submissive’s asses. Good Lord! how do these guys walk after this?

Lady Natalie takes her submissive to the stable, where he is promptly bent over a chair and introduced to her huge black strap-on. Talk about pain and pleasure! You should see the size of this guy’s hard-on, you know that he loves every inch of it! When she’s had her fun fucking him, she gives him a surprise champagne enema. Talk about a happy ending.

Also on this page, you can see the trailer for another of Lady Natalie’s BDSM videos, where she gets in some cock torture. I don’t know what that defenseless cock did to her, but she is going to teach it some manners, any way that she needs to. I’m all for training a cock to behave, but I will admit this video made me wince more than once. You need to see it for yourself. Lady Natalie gives a training session you won’t soon forget!

There is so much more to explore at Lady Natalie’s website. Go satisfy your curiosity right now. You know you want to. Get going!

BDSM girl on girly goodness with WhippedAss.com movies

girl on girl domination lezdom

Want to see a tough girl get taken down a notch or two? Then check out this hot girl on girl BDSM movie on WhippedAss.com. There’s nothing like being locked in the stock and getting flogged to find the flipside of a bad attitude.

Beautiful blonde Vendetta, is submitted to the cane resulting in some beautiful welts. The dominatrix is Maitresse Madeline who has great aim – which results in some lovely parallel stripes. She turns this pretty ass into a gorgeous work of art!

Vendetta’s beautiful, punished ass is then butt plugged, and pussy fucked with a fat strap-on all the while bound in various positions, helpless to the violation of her body. There is also some very nice rope work. I do so love to watch girl on girl bondage and domination, and this is very high quality stuff.

I really like the interviews at the end of these BDSM movies, where we get to see the girls laughing and smiling after the shoot. It just goes to prove that there are people who actually crave the loss of power that comes with being dominated. It’s not about violence, it’s about the feelings that BDSM creates for both participants.

Want see what I am so hot about? Click Here!